Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Football success!!

Great news- we were informed yesterday, 25th May, that we are league champions! Redbridge schools are organised into mini-leagues based mainly on locality for each season, and after losing only one game, Nightingale primary School has been announced as champions of our league. This is an excellent effort, rewarding consistent success over a season.

Massive congratulations to the squad and Mr. Hawkins, who has put so much into the team this year. Furthermore, all the best of luck boys for our upcoming Cup semi-final against Fairlop Primary! Who knows- maybe we could add another trophy to the cabinet- it's getting crowded in there!

Squad: George Carlisle, Mahdi Ahmed, Jake O'Neill, Erman Afzali, Alfie Allpress, Nikolas Da Silva-McDonnell, Hugo Delgado, Joshua Hurst, Ryan Lloyd, Lewis Jacobs, Jospeh McKenzie, Tiwa Ofisuwa, Nicholas Shirlaw, George Wicker

All our pupils' trophy achievements can be seen in the trophy cabinet in the office foyer.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Young Writers award

Recently some of our Y6 pupils entered a creative writing competition, entitled "Mini sagas". The competition was run by the "Young Writers" company, who have been publishing work by children for over twenty years.

The winning children will have their stories published in a book called "Tiny Treasures London & The South of England", which is due for publication on 31st August 2010. A copy will be kept at the British Library, so the children's work will go down in history!

The super-talented winners (with the title of their story in brackets) were: Olivia Browning (Decisions), Agshaya Perinbanathan (The Beach), Tayszea Lai (My Sister Kate), Jasmine Bonsu-Hefford (Running Away), Laura Carlisle (My Secret Present) and Jessie Bosher (House).

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Up and coming Y5 netballers

On Saturday 15th May, Mrs. Oshodi took a Y5 netball team to a Redbridge tournament. The team had some experienced players, but it was also the first time some of the squad had played competitively.

Mrs. Oshodi had said that the aim was to try to win one game, and then see- well that was certainly achieved, as the team won plenty of games, including matches against traditional strong rivals Woodford Green Prep and Park School.

The team progressed all the way to the grand final, losing narrowly to Bancroft's 2-1, the victims of a last-minute goal.

Many congratulations to the squad (below), and thanks to Mrs. Oshodi and any parents who helped with transport.

Squad: Aljona Cirkina, Rachel Culver, Sophie Culver, Ella Blake, Madeline Oshodi, Louisa Gibson, Rhea Lempert, Temisan Karim and Franziska Beck.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ofsted outstanding status

We have recently received our well-earned Ofsted 2009/10 Outstanding logo. As a result of our highly successful inspection, we can use this logo on all our documentation until the next inspection at least. We hope you are as proud of it as we are.