Monday, 24 May 2010

Young Writers award

Recently some of our Y6 pupils entered a creative writing competition, entitled "Mini sagas". The competition was run by the "Young Writers" company, who have been publishing work by children for over twenty years.

The winning children will have their stories published in a book called "Tiny Treasures London & The South of England", which is due for publication on 31st August 2010. A copy will be kept at the British Library, so the children's work will go down in history!

The super-talented winners (with the title of their story in brackets) were: Olivia Browning (Decisions), Agshaya Perinbanathan (The Beach), Tayszea Lai (My Sister Kate), Jasmine Bonsu-Hefford (Running Away), Laura Carlisle (My Secret Present) and Jessie Bosher (House).