Thursday, 1 April 2010

Junk Orchestra play for the Mayor

Updated - Videos added.

On Thursday 1st April Nightingale hosted an outdoor concert in the lower junior playground. Among those attending were The Worshipful The Mayor of Redbridge and Madam Mayoress.

The concert was the culmination of a seven-day project called the "Junk Orchestra". Children from the juniors have had the chance during this project to play and make percussion and wind instruments out of household and industrial waste, proving that great things can be done with what might be seen as rubbish! Almost the whole school were able to attend, with years 1 to 6 making up the audience. Indeed, years 1 and 2 made and played their own shakers along with the orchestra!

Check out the video.

This musical project coincided with a environmental awareness project run by the school council whereby children designed and made t-shirts with "green" slogans on them. They looked fantastic, and were able to articulate their important message to the Mayor.

Well done to all involved- it was a really effective and important project, bringing the curriculum to life in a special way and highlighting the vital message of conservation for the children and adults involved.

The Mayor even try his hand at conducting the Orchestra and then stayed and answered some questions.